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“Made for Google” Bulbs coming from GE

GE is certainly no stranger to the smart bulb scene although I can not think of a single example of a GE smart bulb that has been without some serious issues. That aside GE is at it again with its C line of bulbs and partnering with Google for the first “Made for Google” Smart Bulbs. C by GE for Google will be available starting October 22nd and will have a $25 per two-pack starting price which is attractive.

Now the C line of GE smart bulbs has been around for some time now I am still pretty confused by it. Why do we have different bulbs for different times of day or activities? That aside I do like the idea of not needing a hub nor a separate app which is what C by GE for Google offers you.

I am not sure really what to think about C by GE for Google but I am partial to GE (even though there struggles lately are really affecting my stock portfolio). They are an American Institution and I want them to do well I am just not sure the smart bulb space is right for them but I think if we can simplify the bulb line up (again why the need for two different bulbs?) and Google can handle the UI through the newly redesigned Google Home app, the Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini’s this could work out for them.

I am really digging the new Google Home app even though I am entrenched in the Alexa ecosystem so I am really interested to see how these bulbs play with it. I really have no intention of using C by GE in place of my Phillips Hue gear but I am interested enough and the price is right for me to at least give them a try and let you know how they work.



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