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Whisper Mode Rolls Out to Alexa Devices

O happy days, we can finally whisper to our Amazon Echo and have Alexa whisper back! Not sure anyone will be all that excited about Whisper Mode coming to the Amazon Echo but I am. Whisper Mode does pretty much what you would expect from something of its name, you can whisper to your Amazon Echo and Alexa will respond in a whisper.

Depending on your situation Whisper Mode may or may not be useful. I can see myself using this frequently as I find myself trying to communicate with an Amazon Echo after the family is asleep or before they wake up.

While I will certainly use Whisper Mode on my Amazon Echo the use is not what I am excited about. I am excited about the technology that went into this and the advancement this will make in natural conversational awareness for Alexa.  If you were talking to a real person then began to whisper that person would most likely respond in a whisper because of the conversational cue you gave by beginning to whisper and now this natural conversational experience can be replicated on your Amazon Echo.

What do you think about Whisper Mode and the technology behind it? I think it is a step in the right direction for more natural voice assistant integration. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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