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Mozilla Project Things Update

My current go-to Raspberry Pi based build your own home automation platform just got a nice little update. One of the highlights of version 0.6 of the Mozilla Things Gateway is home monitoring similar to the Smart Home Monitor in SmartThings. Home monitoring combined with newly added sensor support allows you to not only build your own home automation but build your own home security. Sure this home security system will not be professionally monitored but you will also not need to pay monthly for it.

Obviously, for home monitoring you need sensors and Mozilla has added compatibility with contact sensors such as the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor and motion sensors such as the SmartThings Motion Sensor. Obviously, to use these you will need a compatible Zigbee USB Stick but those can be had for reasonable money.


Now, what is the sense if having all these sensors and not know when the state of one changes? Well now you can no as push notifications are also now available and can be configured via the rules engine. As I mentioned in my initial review of Mozilla Project Things the rules engine is much more powerful than many that are available from competitors. It offers the power of say webCoRE for SmartThings with the ease of use of Stringify.



Now back on the home automation and control side of things Mozilla has added support for push buttons like the SmartThings Button which again combined with the rules engine allow you to execute scenes or control lights. I am a big fan of this as it still allows for a physical interface which can sometimes be a big help to house guests and spouses.

mptu-4 If all of this was not enough Mozilla has also added error reporting which will allow you to easily tell if a device has lost connectivity allowing you to troubleshoot before things start going wrong. This type of reporting is very similar to Device Health for SmartThings but let us all hope it works better.

I was very happy to see this update come it really shows that Mozilla is actively working on Project Things and has a bigger picture for it which is nice. Have you tried Mozilla Project Things Yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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