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August Has Done Some Updating

August Smart Locks and Doorbells have been around for some time now and are typically a go-to for people who want an easy solution. I have played with August Locks many times but have always chosen to go a different route. Well, today August has announced a series of integration updates for Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT which in my opinion really make August a contender for those of us looking to have the best possible experiences from our connected devices.

On the Amazon Alexa front, August has updated their skill to take advantage of the newer doorbell API available from Amazon allowing for visitor announcement from the August Doorbell Cam Pro. You can also use the motion sensor in the August Doorbell Cam Pro to create Alexa routines which are a nice little bonus.

August has also updated its IFTTT channel and added August Doorbell Cam Pro integration which allows us to use the motion sensor and the button as triggers in IFTTT recipes. I can see a lot of interesting possibilities with this.

The big update, however, comes to Google Home with August adding voice unlock functionality to Google Home via the August Smart Lock. I have never really been a fan of voice unlocking of doors but I do like that if you do say “Okay Google, Unlock my door” it will ask you for a preprogrammed security code before doing so adding a layer of security. In addition to this August is also adding the same visitor announcement functionality with the August Doorbell Cam Pro that it added to Alexa to the Google voice assistant. I am interested to see if like the Nest Hello the August Doorbell Cam Pro will announce the visitor’s name.

Do you have an August Doorbell Cam Pro or August Smart Lock? What are your thoughts on these new features? Let me know in the comments below.





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