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Deal Alert: Arlo Pro 2-Pack

With the holiday shopping season upon us the deals are coming in fast and furious. Today we have a nice deal on an Arlo Pro 2-Camera System which brings the price down substantially to near the lowest price ever offered on them.

Arlo makes hands down the best completely wireless cameras and although not cheap they are certainly worth the price so if you are looking for some you may want to jump on this deal.



Happy Birthday Alexa

Amazon Alexa is now 4 (in robot years) and to celebrate Amazon has a few deals (although they are being advertised as Early Black Friday Deals) available that can save you some money on Alexa. Check out some of the best ones below:

Amazon Echo (Second Generation) – $20.00 off

Amazon Echo Look – $100.00 off

Amazon Echo Spot – $30.00 off

Amazon Echo Dot and Logitech Harmony Hub – $27.00 off

Amazon Echo Dot and Nvidia Shield TV$50.00 off

I know this is going to sound strange but I am kind of excited about the deal on the Echo Look. I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated by it and wanted to see just how well the AI in it works.

Anyways If you need some more Alexa enabled gear and don’t feel like waiting for Black Friday, now might be a good time to pick some up.

O Yeah and please remember to be courteous and wish Alexa a happy birthday!

Deal Alert: Arlo Q

I am pretty sure I just recently posed a deal on the Arlo Q camera well today we have a new deal that brings the price of the Arlo Q down to just $99.99 which is a smoking deal on a pretty good camera. Sure the Arlo Q might be the redheaded step child of the Arlo bunch, you know with its wires and all but it is an excellent camera. At this price I can not really see a reason not to jump on getting an Arlo Q if you are in the market.


Deal Alert: Arlo Baby Monitor

Anyone in the Arlo ecosystem with a baby should be excited today as the Arlo Baby Monitor is on sale. The Arlo Baby Monitor comes with everything to deck it out as a little bunny which should fit nicely into any babies room. Also with the looks, the Arlo Baby Monitor features night vision, two-way audio, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor an air quality sensor, a night light, and a lullaby player.

The feature set of the Arlo Baby Monitor is typical of higher end baby monitors and it is nice to see it go on sale. If you are in the market for a baby monitor do yourself a favor and check it out especially if you are already in the Arlo ecosystem.


Deal Alert: Arlo Q (2-pack)

From time to time Netgear has been slashing prices on the Arlo line of cameras. Today is another one of those times with the Arlo Q going on sale.

When you think of Arlo cameras most think of the companies battery powered, one hundred percent wireless cameras. Well the Arlo Q is not one of those. It is a wired camera. The Arlo Q camera features 1080p video, night vision and seven days of cloud video storage.

While I am not a huge fan of the lock of the Arlo Q cameras this is a pretty good deal which will save you $72 off the price of the two pack. So if you have been looking at the Arlo Q cameras now might be a good time to jump on board.

arlo q

Deal Alert: Amazon Echo Show Wyze Cam Bundle

Today while doing my normal browsing through Amazon and adding and removing the new Amazon Echo Show from my cart I noticed that they have a package that included an Amazon Echo Show and a Wyze Cam for only $5 more. I have been on the fence about picking up the new Echo Show since it was announced but I have always been a big fan of Wyze Cam so seeing this bundle peeked my interest and tipped the scale in favor of actually placing the pre-order.

I love the integration between my current Echo Show and my Wyze Cams and use it almost every day. While I really do not have a need for another Wyze Cam I really do not see the harm in picking one up for only $5 more than what I was going to spend on an Echo Show.

Deal Alert: Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon is giving its kid-focused devices some love this week. First, we saw the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 Kids Edition get a discount and now continuing on that the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is getting its own discount. For an Echo Dot that is essentially just in a rubber case I still think the Echo Dot Kids Edition is overpriced but if you are in the market for an Echo Dot that may be a bit more rugged then perhaps this is the deal for you.


Deal Alert: Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Amazon is certainly no stranger to discounting its hardware offerings but I can not remember the last time I had seen a discount on any of the kid-oriented devices. Well, today we have the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition on sale. I have always been intrigued by this tablet and wished that the kid-proof case came in different colors as I feel it would make a good tabletop smart home controller utilizing SmartThings and ActionTiles. Maybe I can come up with a way to paint or stain the case?


Deal Alert: 4K Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has the 4K Fire TV on sale right now for Prime Members at the same price as the Fire TV Stick so if you are looking for an Amazon-powered Streaming Media Device now would be a good time to jump on this. I was skeptical about Amazon’s 4K streaming devices when I picked up a Fire TV Cube but was pleasantly surprised at the video output quality.



Deal Alert: Logitech Harmony Smart Control

From time to time the Logitech Harmony Smart Control package goes on sale from various vendors and people typically jump all over it mostly for the Harmony Hub. I myself have a stack of the included remotes that have never even been used. If you are looking to add voice and app control to your AV Gear then the Harmony Smart Control package is the way to go because it gets you the Hub for less than you can typically purchase the standalone hub for.


Deal Alert: Sengled Lighting

Amazon has some good deals today on Sengled Lighting.

If you are looking to start doing some lighting or build onto your existing Sengled system these prices are pretty good so jump on them.

Deal Alert: Prime Day Smart Home Deals

Amazon has a lot of interesting Prime Day Deals on Smart Home Products. You can check them all out here. Some notables aside from the deals on Amazon Products I mentioned earlier are:

On top of these Amazon has a ton of different packages revolving around Echo Devices so may not be a bad thing to get your smart home going.

What have you found to be great Prime Day Deals? Let me know in the comments below.

Deal Alert: Everything Alexa!

prime day

Amazon is pushing Alexa hard this Prime Day with deals on just about the whole line of Amazon Echo products plus dealso on most FireTV and Kindle Products. Check out the list below for all of the deals.

Those are some great deals so if you are looking to add Alexa control to a room it is time to act. I am really trying to think of a room in my house where I do not have an Alexa device but am not having much luck coming up with one.

Deal Alert: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

prime day.png

Looks like we got Prime Day Deals starting a little early. Amazon has the Ring Video Doorbell Pro on sale for $174.00. That’s is an amazing deal and if you are considering getting some Ring Products the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a great start.I can not recommend Ring products highly enough. I have two of these Ring Video Doorbell Pros in my home and whenever someone rings the doorbell I am glad they are in place. If you are looking for an excuse this sale price is a great one.

Deal Alert: Amazon Echo Show

Amazon has an amazing sale on the Amazon Echo Show going on right now through Prime Day you can pick up the Echo Show for $129.99 which is $100 off and the lowest price ever offered on the Echo Show.

I have never been a big fan of the Echo Show but for this price it is kind of difficult to pass up.

Anyone doing anything interesting with an Echo Show? Let me know in the comments below.

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